What is Virtual Mix?

VirtualMix is an independent Audio Post production services led by Award Winning Supervising Sound Editor/Re-recording Mixer Patrick Giraudi.

My services are designed to support the growing demand for high quality motion picture soundtracks for theatrical, international and home video entertainment. With a reputation established since 1991 and a list of credits reaching 400 titles, Patrick's goal is to give your film the best audio soundtrack without the huge overhead associated with traditional Post Production facilities.

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The Best of Everything.

Patrick Giraudi co-ventures with many facilities worldwide and in Los Angeles featuring state of the art 5.1 theatrical Virtual Mixing stages as well as ADR/Foley stages, custom Sound Design and custom Sound Effects libraries.

My Award winning team is composed of Sound Editors, Designers and Re-recording Mixers. We prepare the work and Premix the audio in my facility before taking your soundtrack to a larger mix stage that fits your needs and budget without compromising quality and control. I know and understand budgets and tight deadlines of Post-Production. With my contacts, expertise and speed my team and I can make your experience in the Digital Audio world a seamless process.

Services Available :

* Sound Supervising
* Sound Recording (Voice Over, ADR, Foley and Sound Effects)
* Sound Editorial (Dialog, ADR, Foley, Sound Effects and Background)
* Sound Design
* Music Editing
* Cueing
* Auto Conform_OMF Extraction

* NTSC - PAL Audio Conversions

* PL2 and Dolby™ Encoding and Misc. Transfers
* M&E (Music & Effects for foreign distribution)
* Re-recording Mixing

* DVD Commentaries Recording and Editing

* Panasonic DVX100 Mini DV (Behind the Scene video recording)


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